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BootSkin 1.05a allows users to change the boot screens in Windows XP
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BootSkin 1.05a is a program that allows users to change the boot screens in Windows XP.
It doesn't patch or replace the Windows XP kernel.

With BootSkin 1.05a you can browse the boot screen library at (you will then be able to download a .bootscreen file, thay you can later import), you can apply some of the provided themes or deactivate this feature, returning to Windows defaults.

When you choose a set of bootup screens, the program will inform you that it will be applied the next time you boot Windows.

You can also import bootup screens packages from a file (.bootscren files), tell the program to use random screens at startup, export selected screens to a file or even delete a set of screens.

You can also make your own .bootscreen files, with your own screens. In order to do that, you must design two 16 colors images: one with the background and another one with the progress bar. Later, you will save your images under the "Skins" directory. The Help function brings you a link where the whole process is explained in detail.

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